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The 33 Best iPhone Apps For Personal Branding

by Ryan Rancatore

In 2010, building your personal brand via mobile will no longer be a competitive advantage, it will become a necessity.  The ability to respond in real-time to that e-mail, job opening or blog comment will be more important than ever before.  Here are the 33 best iPhone apps for building a personal brand on-the-go.

Note: Links below go straight to iTunes, apologies to the non-iPhone users out there.  My guess is that most of these apps are available via other platforms as well.


WordPress 2 (free, pictured)
Did you ever think of an awesome topic for a blog post at the most inconvenient of times?  Now, no matter the time or place, you can start a draft or fully publish your WordPress blog post from your phone.  Also, view and respond to comments, or update pages.

Flickr (free)
Most of your best photos occur while you are away from home.  Why not share them right away?  Or, search for photos from the community to use on your blog. Mobile (free)
What makes this one of the best iPhone apps out there?  It is even easier to use than the desktop version of Photoshop!  Really, it couldn’t be simpler.

Dragon Dictation (free)
Say you’re stuck in traffic, you think of the next big idea, and you simply have to get it down on “paper”.  Instead of trying to write and drive, have Dragon Dictation convert your speech to text.  From within the app you can initiate and populate a text or email.

Your Own App (free-ish, pictured)
As Chris Brogan and Dan Schawbel have mentioned recently, via MotherApp you can create your own iPhone app that displays your blog posts and tweets.  The service is free if you allow ads and share revenue 50/50, or you can pay a one-time fee of $99 to avoid ads.

UStream Live Broadcaster (free)
UStream allows you to broadcast yourself in real-time to anyone and everyone.  How cool (and scary) is that? Mobile (free)
Great domain names are hard to come by.  In a “you snooze, you lose” marketplace, the ability to secure a domain name from anywhere is priceless.

Speller – Free Spell Checker (free)
A single typo or misspelled word can kill any email, presentation, or blog post.  Wouldn’t you argee?


Tweetie 2 ($2.99, pictured)
Are there free Twitter applications out there that are pretty damn good? Yes.  Are there free apps that can match the power of Tweetie 2?  No.  Tweetie 2 is the best iPhone app for Twitter in existence, making tweeting from the road an absolute snap.  Twitter list integration and the ability to view saved searches pushes this app over the top.

Facebook (free)
Admittedly, the app I use the most day in and day out.  Needs no explanation.

Bump (free)
Bump allows you to exchange contact information with other iPhone users by literally “bumping” your phones together.  It makes for a pretty cool ice-breaker with a business contact you’ve just met too.

Skype (free)
Personal branding is a global activity these days.  Maybe your next consulting offer will come from a distant country.  Skype is a way to stay connected to anyone and everyone.

Linkedin (free, pictured)
This well-designed app lets you check your Linkedin inbox, send connection requests, update your profile and status, and more.  A must.

Cisco WebEx Meeting (free)
The next time you have 3 companies fighting over your services, why not schedule a WebEx meeting and have them bid for you in a live auction?  OK, maybe I’m dreaming…but there are lots of real reasons why a quick conference on-the-go might be necessary.  This app can help.

Business Card Reader ($1.99)
To me, business cards are like socks – you can never find the right one when you need it.  This app eliminates that problem.  Simply scan a business card and add the information straight to your contacts.

Job Search/Interviewing

Jobs by Career Builder (free, pictured)
In this market, good jobs go fast.  Real fast.  Don’t miss out on the latest job openings just because you are away from your computer. Job Search (free)

Did I mention that good jobs are hard to come by in this job market?  It never hurts to have a backup source – and this app is a good one.

Resume PRO ($2.99)

The ability to update and send different versions of resumes from the road make this app an absolute must for job seekers.  If it helps land you a job, it just might be the best $2.99 you’ll ever spend.

vTie Necktie Guide (free)

Mainly for the male Gen Y-ers out there…let’s be honest, we have no idea how to tie a tie.  Until they outlaw this ridiculous piece of business attire, we can rely on this app to get us through.


Bing (free, pictured)

Sorry Google, for once you’ve been trumped.  The best iPhone app for web search is Bing – it includes voice search, business listings, directions and more.  Plus, you get those cool photos that Bing uses as its background.

Wikipedia Mobile (free)

A world of information at your fingertips.  And as you know, 60% of the time, Wikipedia is right 100% of the time.

Kindle for iPhone (free)

Why spend a few hundred dollars on an actual Kindle, when this app is free?  Provides instant access to literally millions of books.  Amazing, when you think about it.

Quickmark QR Code Reader ($0.99)

QR Codes are becoming more prevalent, thanks in part to Google distributing codes to thousands of small businesses.  Maybe you’ll even include one within your resume?  Either way, this is the best iPhone app for decoding any QR Code you come across.

Any Website You Want (free)

Did you know you can turn any website you visit into an “app”?  Just click the “+” and select “Add to Home Screen”.  If you are viewing this via your iPhone, give it a shot. (Overly sneaky tactic to get you to come back to Personal Branding 101?)


Google Calendar (free, pictured)
Available via the Google Mobile app – a simple, free way to keep track of appointments and to-do’s.

Google Docs (free, pictured)
Also available via the Google Mobile app.  You might be on the road, but all your documents are stored “in the cloud”.

Evernote (free)
Because fleeting moments of brilliance are just that – fleeting.  Record your every thought via Evernote in a variety of ways, and don’t let those great ideas escape.

Personal Assistant (free)
Let’s face it, who can afford a real personal assistant these days?  Keep track of travel, finances, subscriptions and more.

On The Road

Yelp (free, pictured)
If you’ve yet to explore “Monocle” mode, prepare to be amazed.  Never take your clients to a terrible restaurant again, put the power of peer review to work wherever you are. Personal Finance (free)
If you’re putting in late hours at work and blogging the night away, chances are your personal finances could use a little help.  Let pick up the slack.

Kayak Flight and Hotel Search (free)
Whether you are traveling for business, or just getting away, this app will ensure you get the best possible deal.

OpenTable (free)
Your presentation ran long, and you forgot to book reservations for your anniversary dinner?  Never fear, OpenTable will book your table at almost any restaurant you can think of, right on the spot.

That is my list of the 33 best iPhone apps for personal branding.  But, given that there are over 100,000 apps out there, I’m sure I’ve missed a few.  Know of a great app that is absent from the list above?  Let me know in the comments section below – thanks!

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