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Top 10 Personal Branding Articles of May 2010

by Ryan Rancatore

June is here – time to celebrate the 10 best personal branding articles written in May 2010.  All of these phenomenal articles will fuel your personal brand in some way.  Yet, very few of them reference “personal branding” a single time.  Why do I include them?  Because personal branding is about constant improvement – however you can achieve it.  Enjoy!

How to Build Your Brand Working for Someone Else by Lisa Barone.

“Branded employees sometimes get a bad rap for being time-wasting job hoppers, but the truth is forming a strong personal brand while working for someone else benefits both the employer and employee when done correctly.”

An 18-Minute Plan for Managing Your Day by Peter Bregman.

“How can you stick to a plan when so many things threaten to derail it? How can you focus on a few important things when so many things require your attention?”

We need a trick…”

Career Advice for New Grads in 140 Characters (more or less) by Kelly Lux.

“The class of 2010 is graduating on Sunday.  In their honor and in the spirit of true alumni networking, I asked many of the alums I interact with on Twitter to tweet me their best career advice for 2010 grads, in 140 characters or less.”

Top 10 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life, 2010 Edition by Kevin Purdy.

“We live out so much of our modern lives on personal computers and web servers—yet so much of it is messy and over-stuffed. Clean up your email, fix your files, and tidy up your digital life with these 10 tips.”

How to Ruin (Or Build) Your Personal Brand by Dave Fleet.

  • How to ruin your personal brand
  • How to build your personal brand
  • Things you can do today

What your personal brand can learn from the legend of the ninja by Christopher S. Penn.

“Ultimately, the goal is for each member of your clan to appear to have the skills of the whole, for you to be seen as a consummate expert alongside your fellow clan members – and the general public may have absolutely no idea that you’re all working together.

Who’s in your ninja clan?”

5 Good Personal Branding Habits for Bloggers by Jacob Share.

“The best habits lead to effective results while becoming second nature so that you don’t even notice yourself doing them. Here are 5 worth making part of your blogging routine.”

5 Good Ways NOT to Network by Nisa Chitakasem on The Undercover Recruiter.

“Networking has been quite a ‘hot’ topic recently and seems to be the ‘thing to do’. Everyone is doing it! I thought that it might be useful to jot down a few learnings and observations of what feel like pretty common mistakes made when ‘networking’ or building connections…”

8 Must-Dos for Aspiring Writers by Amber Naslund.

“…I want to tell you my unabashed truths about what it takes to make writing part of what you do and who you are instead of an accidental task on your list.”

When You are the Brand by Chris Brogan.

“The trick of being in a personal brand is that there’s a big difference between being known, being known for something, and also being able to turn that into business.”

Which was your favorite?  Any glaring omissions from the list above?

Photo credit, Leo Reynolds.

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